The Hybrid Iguana – An Astonishing Creature Born From The Mating Of Two Different Species

The hybrid iguana is one of the most interesting animals ever discovered by man. Being the result of intergenetic breeding, the reptile is born from a female land iguana from the Galapagos Island and a male marine iguana.

What The Hybrid Iguana Looks Like

The discovery of this hybrid species surprised scientists. The animal looks like both the mother and the father, being an intermediate between them with physical features that double the habitat it can thrive in:

• the skin is dark, with paler-colored marks organized in regular patterns;
• the sharp claws allow the animal to grasp seaweed underwater as well as to climb on cacti on the mainland.

How The Hybrid Iguana Came To Be

The iguana was first discovered in 1981, but it became more widespread after 1997, when the El Nino effect destroyed large areas of seaweed beds around the Galapagos, starving more than half of the iguanas living in the area to death. More resistant specimen climbed to the mainland in search for food and they mated with land iguanas, producing a large number of hybrid iguanas.

Other Facts

Check out this hybrid iguanna facts: hybrid iguanas can live up to 60 years. Though they were born out of two species, one that thrives on dry land and the other that lives in the sea, hybrids prefer hot and moist habitats. They are unable to survive in very hot and dry desert conditions. They grow up to 5 feet long and adults can weigh up to 25 pounds.

Iguanas are herbivores, so they will eat plants and plants only. They prefer consuming their food early in the morning, so when kept in a terrarium, you should try to respect the feeding habits the animal would have out in the wild. They eat every day and it is very important for their well-being to have access to clean fresh water all the time.

How Can You Become An Owner Of One Of These Amazing Hybrid Iguanas?

Hybrid iguanas are rare, but there are vendors that offer them for sale. Not being an animal frequently owned as a pet, hybrid iguanas are quite expensive, some vendors charging about $3,500 for a full-grown specimen.

Iguanas of all sorts are wonderful creatures that teach us a lot about how life developed on the face of Earth. The hybrid iguana is an even more stunning creature, uniting the features of two extraordinary species and celebrating the survival instinct of reptiles.

Learning More About The Pros Of Taking Co Q10


You probably heard about it many times by now, but the truth is that when it comes to co q10, it can be found in a wide range of foods and you can also find it in supplement form if you`re too old for your body to be producing it anymore. Most people taking coenzyme q10 take it not only to improve their overall health, but also to treat certain conditions as we're going to see in the paragraphs below.

Potential Diabetes Benefits

In a study that was published a few years ago in BioFactors, it was discovered that ubiquinol, which is basically a reduced form of coenzyme q10 can basically improve your blood sugar levels by making the body produce lower amounts of insulin. Another study that was conducted in two thousand and nine discovered that people who took co q10 in supplement form were able to improve their blood vessel function. The study focused especially on people with diabetes who were taking statins.

Deceases The Frequency Of Migraines

In a study that took place in two thousand and five a team of researchers discovered that people who took coenzyme q10 managed to lower the rate of their migraines by up to 30 percent or even more. However, while their study was successful in showing the benefits of coenzyme q10 in this regard, not too many people are aware of this, since word about the study's success didn’t reach out.

Side Effects

One thing you should know about coenzyme q10 is the fact that if you take too much of it, it`s going to cause some side effects. To include some of them, they are abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea and also heartburn. However, keep in mind that you're only going to experience side effects if you take more than one hundred milligrams of it at a time. Coenzyme q10 may also interact with certain medications you may be on and that is why it`s necessary to speak to your doctor before you take it. For instance, if you're on blood pressure medications, chemotherapy pills, blood thinners or statins, you shouldn`t take coenzyme q10.

Another piece of advice is that you shouldn`t take coenzyme q10 if you`re breastfeeding, if you are within fourteen days of surgery or if you are pregnant. That`s because there are no thorough studies to confirm how it`s going to affect your baby if you`re pregnant.

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Discover The Style Of Casual Dress


When people hear about casual dresses in many occasions, what comes in their mind is a kind of wear that is off the occasion or out of context. In the real sense, casual dressing is mainly an expression of comfort and self actualization over codes or rules. Casual dressing cannot be truly defined in that it is a reflection of oneself in terms of innovation when it comes to fashion.

Change is permanent and so is fashion. While formal dresses evolve in a stringent manner, casual dresses on the other hand are discoveries and surprises brought about by freedom and self-expression. It is triggered by
one's comfort and lack of codes guiding wears with special considerations for self-worth, spotlight and uniqueness. Casual dresses can also be said to be informal especially when worn where rules and regulations apply. For instance, wearing outmatching attire where a uniform is required.

Casual dresses can also be formal when worn for the right occasion. This should not be understood to mean that when formal dresses (coded attire) are worn in a wrong occasion that it qualifies to be termed as casual dress, but the vice versa is entirely true.

Fashion in terms of casual dresses is radical as compared to formal wear. This is triggered by the fact that the only rule that applies to casual wear is precision in terms of bringing out self worth and attention. Casual
dresses allows one to exercise fashion freedom in terms matching items to bring about a unique character admired by many. Fashion mainly revolves around casual wear as it is where ideas are expressed. It is also wrong to mistake casual dresses for attires meant for events such as sleeping.

Casual wear is mainly an aspect of what one admires and looks towards wearing when not bound by rules. It is only in casual dresses that the true feelings and preferences of an individual are articulated when it comes to fashion. An individual's formal wear maybe another's casual dress depending on comfort and countenance.

There is only a thin line between formal and casual dresses as rules are replaced by comfort respectively.

Lack of rules in casual wear does not mean lack of correspondence but the freedom to bring about the best on the basis of easiness, relaxation, self-worth and freedom. Casual dresses are therefore guided by comfort on the basis of the above background.

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