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FEATURED Group: Morven Kitchen Garden

The Morven Kitchen Garden (MKG) is a one-acre student farm located at Morven Farms, about twenty minutes from Grounds. Established and led by UVa students, the MKG serves as a living laboratory for student research and exploration of food cycles and systems as well as the management and organization of a small-scale farm.  Founded in late 2010, the MKG is now in its third growing season, producing over 1500 pounds of vegetables and involving over 200 UVa students, faculty, and staff. In addition to providing vegetables for student volunteers who work in the garden, the MKG supports a small CSA program between the months of May through September. This year, the garden leadership team is looking to find ways to make the garden more financially sustainable and self-sufficient in the long-term by raising funds to hire a permanent kitchen garden manager. Additionally, this year the kitchen garden is finding further avenues to connect with community organizations throughout the area, such as City Schoolyard Gardens, UVA Green Dining, the Piedmont Master Gardeners Association, the Allegheny Mountain School, and Piedmont Virginia Community College (PVCC).

Email: Samantha Taggart | Phone: (703) 577-4647

FEATURED Resource: Questions about Sustainability? Ask a Student

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