Best Israeli Jewelry

We venture to explore the top ten categories of Israeli jewelry. We will also be looking at the criteria we use to arrive at the respective categories. This information should be useful to anyone considering buying jewelry from Israel. It should be also useful to anyone considering starting to deal in Jewelry from Israel (or jewelry designed by Israelis in the Diaspora). Further, it should be useful to anyone thinking of becoming a commentator on Jewish jewelry.

Now when we classify the Jewelry by 'style' we end up with:

1. Classic Israeli jewelry: this is jewelry crafted using the classic Israeli styles.

2. Modern Israeli Jewelry: this is simply jewelry crafted using contemporary Israeli styles.

When we classify the ornament by branding, we end up with:

3. Designer Jewelry: here, we are looking at jewelry crafted by (and directly associated with) the world-famous Israeli artists. Such jewelry tends to be quite costly.

4. Non-designer ornament: here, we are looking at 'run of the mill' Israeli ornaments, which don't claim any association with the major Israeli designers.

When we classify the jewelry by what is made out of, we end up with:

5. Israeli golden jewelry: this tends to be the costliest variety of Jewish jewelry, especially when it is crafted out of pure gold. Golden Jewelry is greatly admired in Israel (since time immemorial), and there is quite a lot of Israeli golden jewelry in circulation.

6. Israeli silver jewelry: this can also get costly, depending on the amount and quality of silver used in crafting it. We have some high-end Israeli silver ornament items going for higher sums of money than some (low-end) Israeli golden jewelry items!

7. Precious metal jewelry: here, we are looking at jewelry crafted from things like rubies, pearls, diamonds and so on. Some of these are rendered in classic Israeli styles, but most are rendered in contemporary Israeli styles.

When we classify the ornament by gender, we end up with:

8. Masculine jewelry: here, we are looking at things like cufflinks as well as the tails clips. A good number of these are regarded as members of the Israeli jewelry family thanks to the fact that they are crafted by Israeli designers. That is as opposed to them being crafted using Israeli styles, as there seem to be relatively few native/classic Israeli styles for these masculine ornament varieties.

9. Feminine Jewelry: here, we are looking at items like necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on. Some of these lay their claim to the Jewish jewelry family on account of the fact that they are crafted by Israeli jewelers (regardless of the styles they are rendered in). Others lay their claim to membership in the Jewish jewelry family on account of the fact that they are handed down in classic Israeli styles, regardless of the origin of the designers behind them. Then we have those 'pedigree' feminine Israeli jewelry items, rendered using Israeli styles by Israeli designers.

And finally, when we classify the ornament by cost, we end up with:

10. High cost and low-cost Israeli Jewelry. What can be termed as either 'low cost' or 'high cost' depends on an individual's circumstances? In the final analysis, we have some Israeli jewelry items going for tens of dollars, and other going for tens of thousands of dollars.

What You Need To Know About Treating Candida

You'd be surprised to find out that there are a lot of people out there who suffer from Candida albicans, a type of fungal infection that is very common if you take antibiotics. The thing is that if you have it for the first time in your life, you may be a bit scared thinking that it's something serious. Luckily, this is not a serious infection and it can be easily treated provided that you take the right medications.

Treat It Fast By Taking The Right Treatment

If you want to make sure that you're going to get rid of your Candida fast, then you certainly need to consider taking treatments like the one at The Candida pills are very popular and there are currently tens of thousands of people that have taken them and they all had positive results. Since they contain special probiotics, enzymes, antifungal and herbs, you can have the peace of mind that a few days after you'll take them the infection is going to start getting a lot better.


If you're a woman and you would like to diagnose yourself, then you should know that Candida will cause a yellow discharge, but also give you a sort of itching and burning sensation in the vaginal area. If you're a man though, then this is going got cause an inflammation to the head of your penis. Keep in mind though that if you do not treat your candida, then it can get into the bloodstream and when this happens it's going to cause a lot of problems. There are many cases of people experiencing this and eventually dealing with infections to the lungs, kidneys, heart and also their eyes.


There are cases when you won't need to consider doing a laboratory test in order to see if you have Candida or not. In order to diagnose vaginal infections, a gynecologic examination is usually enough. For diagnoses of the skin or the mouth, the doctor will carefully examine the area and then perform a swab test.


What's great about Candida is that you can also treat it at home without having to worry about going to the hospital. All you need to do is get some over the counter medications, use them as your doctor advises you and in no time you're going to be Candida free. However, if the Candida doesn't go away, see a doctor right away.

Learning More About The Pros Of Taking Co Q10


You probably heard about it many times by now, but the truth is that when it comes to co q10, it can be found in a wide range of foods and you can also find it in supplement form if you`re too old for your body to be producing it anymore. Most people taking coenzyme q10 take it not only to improve their overall health, but also to treat certain conditions as we're going to see in the paragraphs below.

Potential Diabetes Benefits

In a study that was published a few years ago in BioFactors, it was discovered that ubiquinol, which is basically a reduced form of coenzyme q10 can basically improve your blood sugar levels by making the body produce lower amounts of insulin. Another study that was conducted in two thousand and nine discovered that people who took co q10 in supplement form were able to improve their blood vessel function. The study focused especially on people with diabetes who were taking statins.

Deceases The Frequency Of Migraines

In a study that took place in two thousand and five a team of researchers discovered that people who took coenzyme q10 managed to lower the rate of their migraines by up to 30 percent or even more. However, while their study was successful in showing the benefits of coenzyme q10 in this regard, not too many people are aware of this, since word about the study's success didn’t reach out.

Side Effects

One thing you should know about coenzyme q10 is the fact that if you take too much of it, it`s going to cause some side effects. To include some of them, they are abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea and also heartburn. However, keep in mind that you're only going to experience side effects if you take more than one hundred milligrams of it at a time. Coenzyme q10 may also interact with certain medications you may be on and that is why it`s necessary to speak to your doctor before you take it. For instance, if you're on blood pressure medications, chemotherapy pills, blood thinners or statins, you shouldn`t take coenzyme q10.

Another piece of advice is that you shouldn`t take coenzyme q10 if you`re breastfeeding, if you are within fourteen days of surgery or if you are pregnant. That`s because there are no thorough studies to confirm how it`s going to affect your baby if you`re pregnant.

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