To foster student engagement in sustainability and strive for a University and planet that flourishes forever.


Chair: Isiah Manalo

Leadership Board Members:

Ashley Badesch

Applications (Currently Closed)

HISTORY was created on November 19, 2010 after a semester of collaboration from environmental student leaders at UVA. These students have nicknamed themselves “The Fellowship of the Greens” and are leaders in their respective organizations from Sustainability Committee on Student Council, to Green Grounds Organization to Sustainability Advocates.

The need came about when these leaders started to be more overlap between projects and quickly growing number of initiatives and groups, with relatively little sharing of information. The site serves a similar unifying purpose, but its broad scope makes sharing of student-specific information difficult for all involved. This site is designed just for students in order to complement the already available information on that site. Those who upkeep the SustainaUnity website are collaborating with Community Relations to maximize the effectiveness of both sites by linking to each other appropriately, by sharing information, and by avoiding redundancy. reflects the sustainability movement at UVA: it isn’t owned by one group or one person, but is a collaboration between students across UVA. SustainaUnity isn’t a group, club, or organization- just a brand used for an informal collection of like-minded leaders. SustainaUnity gains its strength in attracting leaders who are more loyal to the sustainability movement then to SustainaUnity, to their organizations, or to the role they play within them. The sustainability movement at UVA aspires to welcome everyone to invest in a cause that will shape our lives in the twenty-first century.

Do you have an idea on how we can make the SustainaUnity webpage better?  Send us a comment, and we will use it to help make this page better to use!

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