The best place to go for green classes is the list of Sustainability Minor electives

3 fantastic intro courses:

ETP 2020: Global Sustainability - Spring
EVSC 2030: Intro to Environmental Policy – Fall
PLAN 1030: Into to Urban and Environmental Planning – Fall

Sustainability-related courses: Click here

Here’s another list of courses for ETP - an interdisciplinary environmental major

Post your favorite classes below!

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  1. earthweekuva says:

    History of Ecology and Globalization with Thomas Finger is a must-take class


    WGS 3559 – Ecofeminism: Theory, Praxis, Art
    Instructor: Kendra Hamilton
    Thursdays 3:30 to 6:00 p.m.
    This course explores the little known but central role of women in formulating environmental thought over the 20th century. From Rachel Carson’s “silent spring” to the suburban “housewives’ rebellions” that galvanized action against polluted streams and contaminated soils, from the worldwide movements inspired by the original (female) “treehuggers” to the Green Party’s legacy of “thinking global, acting local” and beyond, women have been at the forefront of environmental thought and praxis as thinkers, strategists, and dreamers of alternative worlds. The course will weave among these approaches, considering key texts, historical moments/movements, and the autobiographical, utopian, and dystopian artists’ narratives created in response. Readings will include thinkers, activists, and artists including but not limited to Carol Adams, Rachel Carson, Linda Hogan, Petra Kelly, Ursula K. Le Guin, Wangari Maathai, Carole Merchant, Val Plumwood, Vandana Shiva, and Alice Walker among others.

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