Sustainable Investment Group (SIG)

Sustainable Investment Group

The Sustainable Investment Group, or SIG, (formerly the Socially Responsible Investment Organization) strives to introduce students at the University of Virginia to sustainable investing and to explore the role of sustainability in creating value in the modern business world. The group maintains a student-run investment portfolio seeking long-term capital appreciation by investing in firms well-positioned to capitalize on sustainable trends. The organization also endeavors to create a forum for students, faculty members, and investment professionals to discuss trends and gain expertise in this increasingly relevant field.

SIG strives to: 

CREATE a forum through which students can interact and network with professionals and specialists within the sustainable investment and business community, as well as with each other
EDUCATE university students on the value of investing in companies that incorporate sustainability into their business models and how sustainable trends are changing the competitive dynamics of business
RAISE awareness of the growing role of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues in the modern business setting and the emergence of sustainable investments across asset classes
MAINTAIN an actively managed student-run investment fund that seeks to develop novel approaches to analyzing sustainability-related issues, to identify risks and opportunities relating to those issues, and to exploit corresponding market inefficiencies
BUILD strong relationships between sustainable investment firms, experts in the field of environmental and social sustainability, University students, and the University of Virginia
ANALYZE the successes and shortcomings of current sustainable investment policies through research and the creation of a student-run investment portfolio

For more information, contact the SIG President: Chris Rannefors at

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