Green Dining

Comprised of anyone in the University community, particularly Dining administrators and students, the Green Dining Group seeks to promote sustainable dining practices which foster the health of the environment in which we live, produce, and consume our food.  Green Dining has existed in some form since the fall of 2005.  It has been in its current meeting format since 2008, and currently meets bi-weekly at 1 p.m. in the Garden Room in West Range’s historic Hotel E.

Contact Kendall Singleton or Bernice O’Brien for more information or visit Dining’s Calendar.

Also check out their blog

Some of UVA Dining’s successful programs include:
-The “Buy 8, Get 2 Free” drink punch cards in which students who bring their own mug to coffee places on grounds 8 times will get 2 free!  Just pick up a card at any of the cash registers, and get it punched each time they bring their mug to Starbucks, Greenberrys or other places on grounds.
-The reusable To-Go program.  If you would like to sign up to get your box, simply bring $5 next time you visit the dining hall and ask the Card Swiper for your two cards.  Once you have the cards, simply give one to the swiper in return for a box.  Bring the box back to get your card back.  And the best part is, your $5 will be refunded at the end of the year if you drop by the Dining Office under Newcomb!
-Meat-Free Monday!
-Increase purchases of Fair Trade coffee, bananas, and products at convenience stores
-Improvements on the percentage of local produce is served at dining halls
-Expanding the composting program in dining halls

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