Sustainability Committee

The Student Council Environmental Sustainability Committee works within Student Council to initiate and support endeavors that encourage environmental sustainability within the student body and throughout the University. Recent projects include the UVa Student Garden, Green Initiative Funding Tomorrow, Sustainability Business Consultants, Greening Greek Life, and Track Your Trash.

For more information contact Co-chairs: Kyle Guest at and Cristina Maldonado at

To see more about their programs, go to their website

  1. Task Force Assignments: (* indicates leader)
    1. Greening Greek Life
      1. Ben Bloom*: Bab6dq
      2. Claudia Antonacci: cma9f
      3. Sara Martin: Skm9p
      4. Thomas Wilson: Tgw7kv
      5. Lauren Ludi: lnl5v
      6. Claire Sessler: Cks7z
      7. Dan Ellis: Dse5d
    2. Green Reception
      1. Priya*: Pab4j
      2. Stephanie Macdisi (scm9d)
    3. Transportation
      1. Priya*: Pab4j
      2. Ben Robbins*: Bgr3fc
    4. GIFT
      1. Kyle Guest*: Kng2u
      2. Erin Webb: Edw5b
      3. Jared Hahn: Jdh8uf
      4. Carlo Basilio: Csb7cb
    5. R&D
      1. Sara Martin*: Skm9p
      2. Jared Hahn: Jdh8uf
      3. Thomas Wilson: Tgw7kv
      4. Claire Sessler: Cks7z
      5. Scott Wallshein: Sw5fe
      6. Cristina Maldonado: Cem7ce
      7. Caroline Hackett: cch3dn
    6. E-Newsletter
      1. Clark Belote*: Cjb9r
      2. Claire Wyatt*: Cmw3ug
    7. Community Engagement/Academics
      1. Halley & Caroline/Michelle Rehme*: Mrr5q
      2. Maggie Graham: Amg7p
      3. Carlo Basilio: Csb7cb
      4. Claire Wyatt: Cmw3ug
    8. Off-Grounds Sustainability
      1. Alice Kister*: alk9eq
      2. M.D.: Mdt4g
      3. Ben Bloom: Bab6dq
      4. Dan Ellis: Dse5d
      5. Claire Wyatt: Cmw3ug
    9. Sustainability Business Consultants
      1. Ben Robbins*: Bgr3fc
      2. Libby Engel: Eae4c
      3. Meg Raymond: Mer5r
      4. M.D.: Mdt4g
      5. Emily Rigby: Ejr5c
      6. Scott Wallshein: Sw5fe
      7. Abhijit Parmar: Akp2hz
      8. Christina Reynolds: Cr5rb
      9. Nathaniel Morawetz: Nlm2za
      10. Mary Shang: Mms4ew
      11. Haleigh Harper: Heh2xm
    10. Caught Green Handed
      1. Lauren Ludi*: Lnl5v

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