Greek Recycling

Greek Recycling aims to lessen UVA’s environmental impact by providing a free, student-run recycling service to fraternities and sororities.  The program was  launched in Fall 2010, passing out recycling bags each week, and returning to pickup the recycling each Sunday. During that semester they collected over 4,000 lbs of recycling.

Their next step is to find students that will help to continue publicizing the group, running weekly pickups, and encouraging Greek participation.  If you are interested in joining the group, or serving as the Greek Recycling contact for your Greek House, please contact them.  It’s a great way to better our community and see real results from your efforts!

To see more about their work, check out an article about the program

To get involved or for more information contact Robert Chapman at or (314) 520-7142

One Response to Greek Recycling

  1. Marc Weisselberg says:

    This is awesome

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