Here is contact info from Julie Yee about Department of Energy programs:
If you are interested in learning about more internship and full-time job positions throughout the year, then please email with your full name, major/departments, degree type (BA, BS), and anticipated graduation semester and year.The Department of Energy wants to secure the energy future by growing the clean energy economy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and exploring new and innovative energy systems along with other goals. The DOE has many components, such as program offices, laboratories, power marketing administrations, operations offices, and other agencies. Working for the DOE and federal government has many benefits, including increased job security, the ability to advance quickly in the first few years of your career, numerous training opportunities, health and retirement benefits, and knowing that the work you do directly contributes to helping the nation and a good cause.The Department of Energy has opportunities for most academic disciplines; for example, I am an anticipated Economics major and my roommate during my summer internship was an Environmental Engineering major. If you are interested in more information or have friends who may be interested, email me and/or forward my contact information to anyone who may be interested.

If you’re looking to make a powerful, long-lasting impact on how we respond to these challenges, apply for an Environment America Fellowship today. You can learn more about our Fellowship Program here:

Each year, Environment America hires passionate, talented and committed college graduates to join our two-year Fellowship Program. Over the last decade, fellows have worked side-by-side with our most experienced advocates and organizers to make a real difference for the environment. You can learn more about our Fellowship Program here:

You’ll make an immediate impact

If you’re hired, you’ll learn how to plan and run strategic state and national campaigns. You’ll learn how to research and identify effective solutions to critical environmental problems and how to build and mobilize powerful local constituencies to get behind your campaigns. You’ll lobby lawmakers; publish opinion pieces in major newspapers and on key websites; set up and speak at news conferences; organize town hall meetings and rallies; and run citizen outreach campaigns to educate the public, build membership and raise money for our work. You’ll recruit interns, activists, and staff to work alongside you. Bottom line: You’ll make a real difference. You can listen to Environment California fellows Julia and Stephanie talk about their successful grassroots campaign to defend California’s landmark global warming law last fall here:

You’ll get great training

You’ll learn by participating in classroom-style trainings throughout the year. You’ll get guidance and feedback from your staff director, and work alongside some of the nation’s top environmental advocates and organizers. Past fellows will tell you, though, that you will learn the most through hands-on experience.  You can listen to former fellow Courtney talk about learning how to lobby here:

The Fellowship is only the beginning

After just two years of hard work, you’ll have the skills and experience to take on even more leadership here at Environment America – running your own program, or leading the charge in a new state or on a new issue – or elsewhere in the environmental community.  You can listen to our experienced advocates and organizers talk about their work here:

Apply for an Environment America Fellowship today here:

You can learn more about our Fellowship Program here:


In the Community:

If you know of specific internship or career opportunities that you want to share, please post it below.

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