PURSUIT Conference

PURSUIT is a non-partisan conference that made its debut at the University of Virginia in April 2010. We address social problems that UVa students find relevant, find ways to combat these problems and help to create a positive impact in our communities. The student-voted topics that we cover are environmental issues, health issues, education, and social justice. The conference will culminate with a special talk about student activism and how UVa student can get more involved in solving these social problems. We aim to unite the college community in service to the global community, therefore driving productivity, proactive behavior, and a well-informed society.

Get Involved!
If your organization is interested in collaborating with PURSUIT to host a workshop, please contact Mary Drach, Workshop Director at mdd7r@virginia.edu. Registration for the 2011 conference will begin in early March.

Date: Saturday, April 2, 2011
Venue: University of Virginia
Total Expected Attendance: 200+ attendees
Registration Price: free for all U.Va. students
Co-presidents: Kate Jarosik (kaj6q@virginia.edu) and Sarah Seo (sjs6cf@virginia.edu)
Website: http://www.student.virginia.edu/pursuit

Conference Objectives:
•      To increase social awareness by hosting informative workshops and powerful speakers
•      To unite the UVa community by bringing students, administrators, faculty, and alumni as well as community leaders together to address tough social and devise tangible solutions for the future.
•      To raise student activism both around grounds and beyond life at the University by exposing students to significant social issues

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